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What is the Secure Password Generator?

The password generator allows anybody to generate a safe password. We built this handly password generating tool so that we can make the world a more secure place by letting people choose strong password. We rely on advertising to keep the site running

Why do I need to generate passwords?

A lot of people tend to have simple passwords like cat1234, or petname1, admin and similar words. The problem with passwords like that, is that they are simple to guess for anyone, leaving you vulnerable to hackers. It is like handing your house keys to a thief, when you choose passwords like this. To avoid problems with weak passwords, we have made this 'password generator', that will allow you to generate strong and safe passwords for any use you have.

Why care about strong passwords?

Passwords are an essential part of our digital lives. They protect our personal information, financial data, and online identities. However, choosing the right password can be challenging. A strong password is one that is difficult for others to guess or crack, but easy for you to remember.

How do I create or generate a strong password?

One way to create a strong password is to think of a passphrase. A passphrase is a sentence or phrase that is easy to remember but difficult to guess. For example, you could use a line from your favorite song or a quote from a book. You can also add numbers and special characters to make it even stronger. The GetPassword Password Generator allows you spell out your password in NATO Phonetics so that it easy to remember for you. The password generator also allows you choose passwords that contain numbers, letters in both lower case and upper case, special symbols and enables you to increase the strength of your password by avoiding common pitfalls using repeated characters and other features.
We also have a tool where you can check the password strength of an existing password - or even check the password you have generated via the Password Generator.

Tips for creating a strong password

What passwords should I avoid?

Avoid using common passwords or easily guessable information, such as your name or birthdate. You should also avoid using the same password for multiple accounts. This way, if one account is compromised, the others are still protected. Choosing the right password is important for protecting your online information. You can create a strong password by using a passphrase, or by avoiding common passwords and easily guessable information. Remember to use a unique password for each account and to update your passwords regularly. You can use the Password Generator to generate unique password that are difficult to guess, yet still easy to remember.
Here is a list of the 10,000 most common passwords which you should avoid using at all costs.

How often should I change my passwords?

There is no set rule for how often you should change your password. Some cybersecurity experts recommend changing your password every three months, while others believe that if you have a strong and unique password, you shouldn’t change it unless you believe it’s been compromised. However, it always important to use a strong and unique password for each account and to update it if you suspect it has been compromised.

What is two-factor authentication, aka 2FA?

Typically, the first factor is something you know, such as a password or PIN. The second factor is something you have, such as a security token or a code sent to your phone, or something you are, such as a fingerprint or facial recognition. By requiring two different factors, 2FA makes it much more difficult for someone to gain unauthorized access to your accounts, even if they have your password. Many online services now offer 2FA as an option to enhance the security of your account.