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The Translate to Pig Latin text tool - what is it?

Pig Latin is a super fun language game where you change English words to make them sound like a secret code! It’s like having your own special language that only you and your friends can understand. The name “Pig Latin” doesn’t actually have anything to do with Latin - it just sounds like a mysterious and foreign language.

Here’s how it works: if a word starts with a vowel, you just add “yay” to the end. So “apple” becomes “appleyay”. But if a word starts with a consonant, you move all the consonants before the first vowel to the end of the word and add “ay”. So “banana” becomes “ananabay”. Easy peasy!

Pig Latin has been around for a long time - people have been playing with it since at least 1886! And even though it’s not really Latin, the name might come from something called “dog Latin”, which is when people try to speak Latin but don’t do it very well.

So next time you want to have some fun with your friends or send secret messages, try speaking in Pig Latin!